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Tree of Life Cross Silver Necklace
Tree of Life Cross Silver Necklace

    Tree of Life Cross Silver Necklace

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      A Necklace symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, and the interconnection of all life.

      The Tree of Life is the bridge between the heavens and the earth.  Everything is interconnected.  The Tree of Life teaches you to take good care of what is inside as it reflects on the outside. 

      Chakras are energy centers that we find throughout our bodies.  Translated the word "Chakra" literally means wheel as it acts as a vortex, a disk of spinning energy where matter and consciousness meet.  At the core of each one of us, spin several chakras. There are 7 mains ones as mentioned above but there are also several others too!

      Symbol of positive energy, growth and strength, rebirth, a bright future, longevity, good health, and a fresh start on life. And the significance of the leaves on the tree was thought to have mystical elements that heal the soul.

      These nature-inspired tree pendants are inlaid with natural abalones, Shell of abalones is popular as a gemstone with the energy of the ocean. The ocean symbolizes love, life, and flow, and Abalone Shell has the energy of the ocean inside. It is also used as an amulet for people.

      Why Tree of Life Necklace is for you?

      The design is associated with both religious and spiritual beliefs
      . In Buddhism, the Bodhi tree is where Buddha received enlightenment. The symbol is associated with wisdom in the book of Proverbs. The Nordic cultures believed the tree of life is a magical fount on knowledge.

      The Tree of Life is strongly connected to knowledge and wisdom and it's an invaluable companion in our daily journey for focus and awareness. If you're seeking inner peace, carrying a Tree of Life with you will help you remember it even on the most regular daily moments.

      It is connected to hope, strength and immortality as well, and represents our power to move on even when we face the hardest times of our life.

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